Video Production


The video production service is an effective method to promote your brand, products and services is undoubtedly through the creation and production of videos, developing scripts or photo content that we promote on internet portals, tv, social media, digital media etc.

  • TV spots and radio spots
  • corporate videos 
  • urban videos
  • video for tourism
  • voice – over
  • Video editing 

Through social media and our digital media at , a corporate video can be directly promoted to a large percent of the population. A dynamic presentation of your services or products, with images and animated graphics, will place your company on the map and bring it closer to the general public. Audiovisual projects can vary in content, duration and format, depending on the intended goal, the available budget and the use of the project.

Video production services include:

  • Recording, processing, producing and distributing the video
  • Marketing strategy
  • Video scripting
  • Single or multi camera shooting
  • Professional video & lighting equipment
  • Video editing
  • Custom – designed graphics and images
  •  Colour correction
  •  Video subtitling
  • Video hosting and distribution

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