Online Advertising , offers online advertising services. Also as a member, of TFS Digital Group Ltd based in Nicosia, is a constantly growing news portal in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East


At TFS Digital Group our main goal is to promote the brand, services, products or activities of your company so that it achieves the greatest possible presence and publicity in a wide readership base on the Internet. Online awareness is an ongoing process with practical results. The main pillar of our communication techniques is,the news portal of our company, through which, we can develop all methods that contribute to the promotion of your company on the Internet in a practical and effective way.

1) Copywriting: We can write copywriting about your services or other activities in an accurate, attractive and targeted way.  This will not only increase the number of visits to your site but also your clients. Professional journalists can undertake the writing and support of the copy, providing journalistic support. We can also promote articles to partner electronic media.

2) Press office services: Leave it up to us to compile, edit, promote follow-up press releases and promotion on internet and partner electronic media.

3) Online interviews: We take care of the preparation of your online interview (image + video) with every detail, informing you about all the interview techniques that can help to get your message across to the audience more effectively.

4) Advertising banner : Construction of an advertising banner that will be displayed on the news portal of the company TFS Digital Group Ltd.

5) Video recording :Video recording of your event or conference, promoting your services and products.

6) Collection of news :Items related to your business activities.

Contact us at for the creation of an advertising campaign, covering both the news portal and the wider internet. Our financial proposal will inform you about the exact cost of our ONLINE Advertising service.